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Mrs. Lanka Joyce Bhushana Kumari Garu, the principal of St. Paul's English Medium School, is a well experienced and skillful administrator. She is an abode of knowledge, with a chain of degrees to her glory- M.Sc; B.Ed; M.A (Soc); M.A (Eng); M.Phil; Ph.D. She has an unshakable judgement and determination to carry on things. She is a woman of spiritual vision, renowned theological orator, a learned with illuminating ideas, a well experienced and an inspirational person. She encouraged the students and provides the best to be independent thinkers and to face the challenges bravely in life. She is an international T.V Speaker (Preacher). She was awarded 'Mother of Nations' by a U.S.A organization in 2015. She is a woman with Zeal and curiosity. She endeavour the students not to be only as an intelligent should but also to be disciplinary students. She tells to her students that they should get 100% marks not only in the studies but also in character, obedience, manners, even in all the life values. She is a strong woman who faced lots of hurdles to develop the school in such a way that today St. Paul's is a dynamic, digital and e –learning school. She likes to implement everything that make her feel is need for the students development and career. There come the Edu–Com Smart Boards. She was the first principal to take up the Smarts Boards in 2009 in Vijayawada Rural. She is a Principal of now a new thing to be commenced in her school. She made many students as bright citizen do settle themselves nationally and internationally. The principal being a woman from Karnataka was merely hungry for strictly implementing spoken English in her school. She made it and now St. Paul's is a number one school having students who speak fluent English.