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Progress and Promotion :

The student progress is assessed by the teachers by means of oral tests and revision tests. It is also tested by means of F.A's and S.A's at regular intervals during the year as indicated in the institutional plan Corrected answer scripts of all the subjects are given to the students for checking their mistakes and rectifying them in their future. The parents are invited to 'Teacher – Parent Meet' and requested to go through their wards performance and return the same.

Continuous And Comprehensive Evaluation :

With the view to develop the wards personality, the CBSE has introduced the CCE. According to this there will be semester system of schooling, The first from June – August, the second from September to November and the third from December to March. The syllabus for each semester is separate and independent.

The CCE Through Formative and Summative Assessment :

Each Formative Assessment consists of
(a) Reflection (written and oral)
(b) Project work
(c) Written Test

The marks pattern is as follows.
(a) Reflection (written and oral)
(b) Project work
(c) Written Test

ReflectionProject work Written Test

Each Summative Assessment is conducted for 50 marks.
At the end of the first term FA-1 + FA-2 + SA-1 is totaled (25% + 25% + 50%)
At the end of the Second term FA-3 + SA-2 is totaled (50% + 50%)
At the end of the third term FA-4 + SA-3 is totaled (50% + 50%)

Grading System :

As per the Board's recommendation, instead of marks, a new 10 point grading system is to be followed for the classes L.K.G to X. In this system, a student's performance is assessed using the numerical marking made, after which the same is converted into grades.

Marks RangeGrade Grade Point
91 – 100A110
81 - 90 A29
71 – 80B18
61 – 70B27
51 – 60C16
40 – 50C25
↓ 39D4

Students who secure 'E' or below '35' will have to appear for a re-exam and improve their grades to sit for the next class.

The performance of the pupils is supervised periodically. There is a series of tests under Formative and Summative Assessments in a scheduled pattern. The tentative time table of the examination for the year.

F.A – 1 - July
F.A – 2 - August
S.A – 1 - Sep & Oct
F.A – 3 - Nov
S.A – 2 - Dec
F.A – 4 - Feb
S.A – 3 - April