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English is the Lingua Franca or the global language of the modern world. To cultivate a passion and develop the language skills of writing, reading and communicating we have taken up. Learning a language skill and effective communicative skills is an art and also emprises the learning of the culture involved with in the language through Institute of Language Management (ILM Bengaluru). The school has taken up the language development in students.

ILM trains and coaches the students in recreational activities like drama skills, role plays, story telling, writing skills, creative writing skills, reading skills, drawing and colouring skills, art and crafts, debating skills, singing and dancing, theatre, acting skills, elocutions, etc. ILM's training in recreational activities are interactive and fun filled ones, where the students are motivated to interact with their counterpart, participate in many skills exhibiting activities, drama performances, presentation skills, performance arts, games, puzzles etc.

A minimum of ten fun filled and recreational indoor and outdoor (campus) activities viz. ILM's treasure hunt, ILM's Throw the Dice, ILM's can you find The right match, ILM's information corner, ILM's journalist ILM's Hop-skip jump and run, ILM's English March, ILM's SEC (clubs), ILM's Funday Club of Activities, ILM'S School of Manners and many more, would be introduced in every term where the students get an opportunity to grasp, enjoy and reproduce what we have taught in a confident and easy manner. Our training of these recreational activities gives real happiness to the children as they truly like engaging in something that they love doing. The ILM'S Teaching/Training Course, would be closely monitored by a Chief Co-ordinating Faculty and a Regional Head or any other designated person from ILM, who would make periodical visits to the school, to observe the implementation of our programme, and assess the progress of the students.

ILM's Language Course being Accredited by National Board of Accreditation for Education and Training, (NABET), Quality Council of India enables us to issue recognized certificates to the students. The issuance of the certificate is governed by the rules of ILM Exams based on the student's performance, fulfilling the parameters of the assessments, all dues cleared by the school etc.