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Mr.Karunkar Dass Lanka is the Founder Director, Correspondent & Secretary of St.Pauls English Medium School, Guntupalli located in the close vicinity of the city of Vijayawada, falling under the newly declared Capital region of the state of Andhra Pradesh. He is graduated with M.A; B.L; M.Th; D.D; Ph.D; M.M (USA). He explored innovative ideas and established St. Paul's English Medium School to pave and guide many innocent children's career.

Mr.Dass set up St. Paul's English Medium School in the year ____ and has created an institution of excellence and repute. This year St. Paul's English Medium School is ranked amongst the top schools of Vijayawada Rural Area and has been the preferred choice for the parents of this region. In his role as a founder of the school, he has worked extensively with experts in the field of education, the State department of Education and Local Authorities to develop the teaching systems which are focused on overall development of a child.

In his role as a Director, he has expertise in curriculum design, technology in education, assessment and evaluation, professional development for teachers, pedagogies based on the theory of Multiple Intelligences, learning styles, physical education in curriculum and school administration related skills. He has also incorporated in his school programs on life skills, mental health, special education and various co-curricular activities.
Mr.Dass is a keen learner and upgrades his knowledge on latest practices in education. For this, he regularly attends professional courses, seminars and workshops organized by concerned agencies. He has successfully adopted best practices in St. Paul's English Medium School in administration and management, staff recruitment and training, operational management, integration of multimedia, curricular and co-curricular programs for holistic development etc.

Multi Talented & Multi Faceted - He was awarded the 'Best Musician' for 7 successive years at state level. He is a great film producer and director. He was an assembly elections contestee in 2014. He is the founder of Calvary channel, the first Christian satellite channel and moreover a noteworthy T.V Speaker. Being a man of progressive thoughts and diversified talents, he finally settled as a missionary to prepare the children to lead a life of dignity and prosperity.